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This is an endless questions with a lot of potential answers!

I want to make clear to you what lifting is and give you a checklist you can follow next time you are doing nails to prevent any lifting problems. 


For those who don´t know, lifting means that the product (Gel, acrylic, poly gel, gel polish) is separating from the nail plate and creates an "air pocket". 

When this happens, dirt, moisture and oils get into that pocket and it usually grow bigger until the nail "pops off".

Lifting can also result in bacteria infection. This is called greenie (pseudomonas) and shows as a green spot on the nail plate.


About 95% of all the lifting problems are caused by improper nail preparation.
That remaining 5% can be causes by hormone problems, medications, damage nail plates etc. 

Let´s focus on the 95% and use this checklist below next time you are doing nails. 


  • Remove all the cuticle from the nail plate. All non living tissue that´s attach to the nail plate, must be removed. If we apply any product over the cuticle, lifting will appear within a few hours.

  • Cleanse the nails thoroughly. (Don´t forget the free edge and sides.)

  • Buff the nail plate in one direction to remove the shine. (We must remove ALL the shine from the nail plate. The product you want to apply must have a rough surface to attach to. Buff the nail plate from cuticle to free edge. If you go back and forth, you can end up with a smooth surface and we don´t want that!

  • Cleanse the nails thoroughly again and look for a matte finish. (Make sure to remove all the oils, moisture and dust. don´t forget the sides and free edge)

  • Apply a sparingly amount of primer/bonder to the nails. Let it dry before applying any product. (If you apply to much primer/bonder and your nails look wet, take a pad and dab away the excess) Applying too much primer/bonder is a common mistake that can cause lifting.

  • Apply your gel/acrylic/gel polish 1 mm away from the cuticle and sidewalls. (If any product comes in contact with the skin, it must be removed. Leaving product on the skin causes lifting)

  • Cap the free edge. If you are doing an overlay you must cap the free edge. I see a lot of lifting problems comes from forgetting this step. Especially common on gel polish. I give you a great demonstration on gel polish application here on my FREE gel polish course.

  • Aftercare! This is super important if we want our nails to last. Check the aftercare in the video above! 


Now I hope that you learned something new that can help your next set of nails last longer. If you have any questions you can send me an email to [email protected] 

See you at the nail table!


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