gelpolish removal Oct 15, 2020

Here is what you need ;

  • Acetone 
  • Aluminium foil
  • Pads
  • Woodstick
  • Buffer or file

Here you see my outgrowth about 5 weeks old. I usually would remove it within 3-4 weeks but I wanted to show you that gel polish can last even longer! 

1. The first thing you must do, is to buff the surface to remove some of the top coat. Be careful not to buff the natural nail.

2. Fold a pad as I show you, and soak it in acetone. Press it to the nail.

Wrap a peace of foil (about 7x7cm) around the finger to keep the pad in place. 

3. Make sure that it sits tight cause you don't want air to come in and dry out the acetone. Wait 15-20 minutes.

 4. Take your woodstick and gently scrape of the gel polish. If it's not coming off - soak it for 10 more minutes.

5. This is what it looks like after removal. Now gently buff the remaining basecoat that is still left.

6. Use cuticle oil to moizsture the nailplate. Acetone is very dehydrating, so this is important to keep the nails healty and flexible.



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